Carly Stowell Foundation


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Do What You Love, Love What You Do

The Carly Stowell Foundation for Education in Athletic and Music Performance

“Honor the Memory”

The mission of the Carly Stowell Foundation is to provide enhanced education in athletics and music to young people who demonstrate passion for learning and a commitment to excel.

Individualized instruction and group activities that include teams and ensembles, develop potential and leadership, teach responsibility, and foster creativity and expression.



Board of Directors


 Founder Director

Founder Director

 General Member

 Chuck Stowell

Elena Stowell

 Debbie Jacobson




Program Advisor 

Quentin J. Sisco

Lorri Hicks

Jim Tanasse




Director Of Programs


Legal Counsel

David Sackett


Andrew Lemmel





Key Advisors



Technology Director

Music Director


Alan Jacobson

Rosemary Bell