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The Carly Stowell Foundation for Education in Athletic and Music Performance

“Honor the Memory”

The mission of the Carly Stowell Foundation is to provide enhanced education in athletics and music to young people who demonstrate passion for learning and a commitment to excel.

Individualized instruction and group activities that include teams and ensembles, develop potential and leadership, teach responsibility, and foster creativity and expression.


The Music and Basketball Link

"Most of us know the sheer pleasure of watching a basketball team or listening to a jazz band that is really working well together. Both situations involve a dynamic mix of roles, exchanges of information (not to mention of the ball), a balance between rules and structures (chords and set plays), and more improvised, opportunistic – even inspired – play. And often one player – perhaps the bandleader or the point guard (but possibly a hardworking forward or deft bassist) – performs in a way that makes the work of the others look and sound better. In short, a satisfying and effective collaboration unfolds before our eyes and ears."

The Facilitator's Book of Questions: Tools for Looking Together at Student and Teacher Work, by David Allen and Tina Blythe, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY; National Staff Development Council, 2004