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Jammin’ Clubs

Do What You Love, Love What You Do





Jammin' Basketball

Jammin' Basketball is a strong program in the south end helping grow youth's potential when it comes to the sport of Basketball.  Boys and Girls, grades 4th through High School, are welcome to tryout for teams and/or take one of the many skills classes offered through the program.  Jammin’ Basketball typically conducts practices at camp Berachah in Kent and each team attends tournaments throughout the Puget Sound Region.

Jammin' Music

A lot of great things happening on the music front at the Carly Stowell Foundation.  We offer a summer marching band program as well as other programs throughout the year. 

Jammin' Volleyball

“Do what you love, love what you do” says it all when it comes to the Jammin’ Volleyball Club and the individuals associated with the club.  Volleyball gives us the opportunity to work with young athletes not only to work on skills and the general understanding of the sport, but to continue to develop their level of confidence and communication skills as well. Our environment is a positive one which creates a fun and exciting experience for all involved.  Jammin’ Volleyball typically conducts practices in the Kent/Covington/Maple Valley area and each team attends tournaments throughout the Puget Sound Region along with attending one or more out of region/state tournaments.