Carly Stowell Foundation


Help The Carly Stowell Foundation through eScrip

Now, with eScrip and your Safeway card, everytime you shop at Safeway and use your Safeway Club Card, they will donate back 1-4% of your purchases.  All you have to do is link your Safeway Club Card to the Carly Stowll Foundation.  It is super easy, self explanatory and will take about two minutes.  Note:  If you don't have a Safeway Club card yet, call 1-800-SAFEWAY to get one.


  1. Go to and click on Safeway.
  2. Click on Pacific NW and "Sign up today"
  3. In Group name, type in Jammin'
  4. It will only say, Jammin' Kentlake Girls Bball.  For logistics, this covers all contributions to The Carly Stowell Foundation.  They go to the general fund.  Highlight this.  Note:  Our group ID is 500018658.
  5. Proceed to the next step
  6. Complete the registration information for the secure Safeway site and click Next
  7. Select your card or put in your card number.
  8. You are done

There is also another way to participate that is a great opportunity to raise funds for our organization.


  1. Go back to and click on the online mall under Safeway.
  2. Click on the Blue AutoEarn button.
  3. Download Autoearn and Run (it takes about a minute)
  4. If you shop online at over the 1000 stores on this program (Walmart, Barnes n Noble, etc.), The Carly Stowell Foundation will recieve up to 5% of the online purchases automatically.  Thanks, everyone!